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Finland is known for its world-class education system and focuses heavily on equal access to education. Scholarships play an important role in helping students finance their university education. There are various scholarship opportunities available for both domestic and international students pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in Finland. This article provides an overview of major scholarship programs, eligibility requirements, benefits and the application process. It discusses national scholarships, scholarships for EU/EEA students, and those for international students. Specific scholarship programs for fields like engineering, sciences, music etc. are also highlighted. The aim is to create awareness about the wide range of scholarship options so that motivated students can fund their education in Finland.


 Government Scholarships

One of the most prestigious scholarships in Finland is the Suomi 100 Talent Scholarship programme awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It offers full tuition fee waiver plus monthly stipend to 100 talented international Master’s and Doctoral students annually. Selection is based on academic excellence, research proposal and impact. Some other national scholarships include Education Pathway Development Scholarship for immigrant students and University Scholarships for top Finnish bachelor’s degree graduates enrolling in Master’s programmes. Most government scholarships fully or partially waive tuition fees and provide a stipend for living expenses throughout the degree. Eligibility and application processes vary, so it’s best to check individual scholarship programme websites.

 European Scholarships

Finland as part of the EU/EEA offers scholarships to students from the European region as well. For example, the Nordplus Higher Education scholarship supports mobility and collaboration between Nordic and Baltic countries. It funds one semester or year of exchange study in another Nordic nation. Other pan-European scholarships like Erasmus+ also include Finland among their participating higher education institutions. These scholarships provide grants to help cover travel and living costs while studying abroad in Europe for a term. Candidates must be enrolled at a participating European university and apply through their home institution.

 University Scholarships

Most universities in Finland offer a variety of entry and graduate scholarships for both domestic and international students. Entry scholarships are typically based on high school or prior university results and can waive part of the tuition fees for the entire degree program. Target fields may include engineering, economics, teacher education, language studies etc. At the graduate level, universities provide research and thesis grants through individual academic departments and faculties. The University of Helsinki, for example, has over 400 annual scholarship opportunities for Master’s and doctoral candidates pursuing research. Selection considers the study plan, letters of recommendation and research potential in most cases. University scholarships are a good midway option between national programs and private sponsors.

 Foundation Scholarships

Private philanthropic organizations also invest heavily in Finnish higher education through targeted foundation scholarships. The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation supports international postgraduate exchange at Aalto, Helsinki and Tampere Universities annually in fields such as technology, business and environment. The Finnish Cultural Foundation offers numerous scholarships in all academic disciplines and arts for both degree and non-degree studies. Other prominent foundations focus their funding on niche fields – HSE Foundation on social sciences, Otto A. Malm Foundation on engineering etc. Successful candidates normally receive 1500-3000€ grants twice a year along with proof of studies and transcripts. Strong portfolios including research plans and CVs are key.

 Field-Specific Scholarships

For specialised programs, students can explore scholarships directly from professional organisations in that field. For example, Sibelius Academy and other music schools offer talent scholarships covering tuition and living expenses for top international students. Similar programs exist in journalism, nursing, dentistry and other applied sciences. The Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation has scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in technology and engineering at participating universities. They provide 1500-3000€ annual support along with summer job opportunities in Finland. Another great database is the Finnish Fulbright Center which details over 50 targeted scholarships across all domains funded through the Fulbright program.


In conclusion, Finland has built a strong support system through government scholarships, university programs and private sector investments to ensure equal access to quality higher education. While national scholarships are highly prestigious and competitive, many other mid-tier options are available based on academic merit or field of interest, especially at graduate level. With early research and well-planned applications, motivated individuals from around the world can finance their degree programs through the wide range of opportunities available. Awareness about these scholarships can help attract talented students to experience and contribute to Finland’s renowned education system.


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