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Scholarships play an important role in assisting students seeking higher education in New Zealand. They help tackle financial barriers and recognize academic excellence. This article provides an overview of the key New Zealand scholarship programs available for domestic and international students. It outlines the eligibility criteria, benefits, and application process for some of the major scholarships on offer. The article also highlights lesser known scholarship options in specific fields or regions of New Zealand. By learning about these opportunities, students can make an informed choice about financing their tertiary education goals in this beautiful country.


 New Zealand Scholarships

New Zealand Scholarships are awarded nationally based on academic excellence in your NCEA Level 3 exam results or equivalent qualification. You must be a domestic student (New Zealand or Australian citizen or permanent resident) to apply. Scholarships provide up to $10000 per year for up to 3 years of study at a New Zealand university. The application process is straightforward – you need to submit your academic transcript along with a personal statement. Winners are selected based on their exam results compared to other applicants. Scholarship funds can be put towards course fees, accommodation costs, books or a laptop. Other than the prestigious recognition, these scholarships allow students from all backgrounds to access university education financially.

 Māori Scholarships

If you have Māori descent, you can apply for Māori target scholarships provided by individual universities, polytechnics and wānanga (Māori tertiary institutions). Eligibility may require you to demonstrate involvement in Māori community or cultural activities. Benefits include both financial assistance and academic support throughout your studies. Some examples include Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington Māori Entrance Scholarships and AUT Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme scholarships. These specially recognize academic excellence among Māori students and support their educational success and participation at tertiary level. Application requires proof of Māori descent and a personal statement highlighting your involvement and interests in tikanga Māori practices.

 International Scholarships

For students coming from overseas to study in New Zealand, there are limited but valuable scholarship opportunities available. Major universities usually offer some scholarships for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. These can range from $5000-$20,000 annually. Selection criteria focus on your prior academic merit as well as alignment with the university’s strategic research areas. Subject specific endowed scholarships also exist in fields like agriculture, engineering, health sciences and arts. Overall application requires excellent academic transcripts, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, CV/resume and language test scores if needed. Some scholarships like New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships offer up to 3 years full tuition fee coverage as well. Apart from the university programs, the New Zealand government also supports a small number of Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America annually.


 Regional Scholarships

If you are interested in studying locally in a particular region of New Zealand, look out for their regional scholarship programs as well. For example, scholarships from Waikato, Hawke’s Bay and Taranaki provide both financial assistance and hands-on regional opportunities for students willing to contribute to the development of these areas post study. Wellington, Auckland and Canterbury also have some city-specific scholarship funds available depending on subject area. Fields like agriculture, tourism, community health and Māori/Pacific development usually feature prominently. You may need to be enrolled at a regional polytechnic, private training establishment or Wānanga to be eligible. Overall these scholarships promote tertiary education tailored to the needs of different regions within New Zealand.

 Subject Specific Scholarships

Besides university-based programs, many professional and charitable organizations offer subject specific scholarships in New Zealand. For example, the Dairy Women’s Network awards annual scholarships for dairy and agriculture-related study. Scholarships are available in other specialized fields like architecture, engineering, petroleum, teaching, library studies, wine-making and more. Eligibility depends on subject of planned study as well as academic merit and personal qualities. Financial assistance ranges from $2000-$10,000 per year based on the individual scholarships. Competitive application requires statements of purpose, reference letters and sometimes interviews as well. Keep tracking association databases related to your intended major or career for these niche but valuable opportunities.


In conclusion, New Zealand provides a generous scholarship culture that academically talented students from all around the world can tap into to achieve their university study goals. While national and subject specific scholarships come with greater prestige and benefits, even regional and individual university programs offer invaluable assistance. Researching all available options matching your personal profile is key to piecing together the right funding. Early application is also suggested as deadlines tend to be in late July-September for following year enrolment. With a clear understanding of eligibility criteria and application requirements, and strong academic fundamentals, many Kiwis and international applicants have been able to access excellent tertiary education in New Zealand with the help of these scholarships every year.


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