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Are you dreaming of pursuing higher education but worried about the financial burden? Loughborough University has a range of scholarships and financial support options to help turn your dreams into reality. Let’s dive into what’s available:


1. Care Leaver Bursary:
If you’re a care leaver from the UK, you could be eligible for cash bursaries or tuition fee waivers worth up to £17,100 over three years.

2. Opportunity Scholarships:
For UK students from areas of low higher education participation, there are cash bursaries of £9,000 available over three years, thanks to generous donations from alumni and friends of the university.

3. Hardship Fund:
Experiencing severe financial hardship as a current student? Loughborough University offers a Hardship Fund to provide support, open to both UK and international students.


4. International Scholarships:
Self-funded international students are automatically considered for this scholarship, which offers a 25% discount on first-year tuition fees.

5. Loughborough University Bursary:
Dependent on household income, this bursary offers cash support and tuition fee waivers for UK students, with additional help available for foundation year or extended undergraduate master’s degree students, totaling up to £3,600 over three years.

6. Music Tuition and Scholarships:
Exceptional musicians, both domestic and international, can benefit from subsidized music lessons and scholarships worth £200 for 8 hours of tuition, with scholarships awarding up to £500.

7. Performance Programme Bursary:
UK students representing Loughborough University in BUCS competition can receive £1,000 in cash bursaries, paid in three equal instalments across the year.


8. Mature Athlete Bursary:
Mature athletes competing for Loughborough University in BUCS can receive £1,000 in cash bursaries, also paid in three equal instalments across the year.

9. Athlete with a Disability Bursary:
For athletes with disabilities representing the university in BUCS competition, there’s a £1,000 cash bursary available, paid in three equal instalments annually.

10. Sports Scholarships:
Talented student-athletes competing to at least junior international level can benefit from sports scholarships worth up to £5,000 per year, supporting both their sporting and academic development.


Q: Are these scholarships only available to UK students?
A: No, while some scholarships are specifically for UK students, others are open to international applicants as well. Check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

Q: How can I apply for these scholarships?
A: Application processes vary for each scholarship. Visit the Loughborough University website for detailed information on how to apply.

At Loughborough University, financial barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of your education. With a variety of scholarships and financial support options available, students from all backgrounds can access the opportunities they deserve. Explore your options and take the first step towards a brighter future today!


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