UNILAG postgraduate Admission form 2024/2025

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Are you considering taking your academic journey to the next level? Look no further than the University of Lagos (UNILAG), a beacon of academic excellence in Nigeria. Renowned for its comprehensive postgraduate programs, UNILAG offers a wide range of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of the academic community.


Program Options

Whether you’re aiming for a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), a Master’s Degree (e.g., M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc., LL.M.), a Professional Master’s Degree (e.g., MBA, MILD, MILR, MPH), a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), or even a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), UNILAG has you covered.

Flexible Study Modes


At UNILAG, flexibility is key. You can choose from various study modes, including full-time, part-time, executive, and even open distance learning (ODL), ensuring that you can pursue your studies without compromising your current commitments.

Application Guidelines

Applying to UNILAG’s postgraduate programs is straightforward:

Visit the School of Postgraduate Studies University of Lagos Portal.
Check for Available Programs and Your Eligibility.
Complete the Pre-Application Form to Obtain a Payment Reference Number.
Pay the Non-Refundable Application Fee.
Fill Out the Application Form and Upload Required Documents.
Submit Your Application Online by the Deadline.


General Requirements

To be eligible, applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, have completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, and meet specific program requirements. Candidates currently undergoing a Postgraduate program or awaiting Bachelor’s degree results are not eligible to apply.

Selection Process

Be prepared for a selection process, which may include written and oral examinations, as well as other departmental requirements.

Document Requirements

Ensure you have the necessary documents ready, including your Bachelor’s degree certificate, NYSC discharge or exemption certificate, and academic transcripts.

Application Tips

Here are some tips to enhance your application:

Double-check course availability and eligibility.
Prepare all required documents in advance.
Follow the specified photograph guidelines to avoid disqualification.

Financial Information

Understand the financial aspects of your application, including the breakdown of the application fee and information on available scholarships and financial aid.

Admission Screening

During the screening process, expect written and oral examinations, as well as departmental requirements and interview processes.

Registration and Orientation

After admission, complete the registration process and participate in the orientation program for new postgraduate students.


UNILAG’s postgraduate programs provide an excellent opportunity for academic and professional development. Apply early, meet all requirements, and embark on your journey toward unlocking new possibilities.


Can I apply if I haven’t completed my Bachelor’s degree yet?

No, applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

What if I’m currently undergoing a Postgraduate program?

Candidates currently undergoing a Postgraduate program are not eligible to apply.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, UNILAG offers scholarships and financial aid. Check the website for more information.

When is the deadline for application submission?

The deadline for submitting completed application forms is Friday, 13th September 2024.

What happens after I submit my application?

After submission, be prepared for a selection process, including examinations and interviews, followed by registration and orientation upon admission.


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